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Bamra, covering an area of 5149 km², was one of the Princely states of India during the period of the British Raj, and was acceded to India on 1 January 1948.
A legend states that the Raja of Bamra belonged to the Ganga Vanshi dynasty of Utkala (ancient Orissa).
He is believed to have been stolen as a child and was made the ruler of the state of Bamra around 1602.
Most of the country is forest, producing only timber and lac but said to be rich in iron ore.
The northern border is touched by the Bengal-Nagpur railway, with a station at Bamra town.
The state is one of the five Oriya feudatories, which were transferred from the Central Provinces to Bengal, on the reconstitution of that province in October 1905.
The capital is Deogarh.[1]"


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En 1889 Principauté, état princier de l'inde.

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