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Duttia is a State comprising various portions of territory scattered about over Bundelkhund,

the main portion being directly north of Jhansi.

 Its total area is 912� sq. miles and its population 186,440.
But these figures give no idea of the actual distances from one part of the State to another, owing to its territory being so broken up.
 The Maharaja holds a high position among the feudatory chiefs of India,
 and is entitled to a salute of 15 guns.

It appears that this State has had a post and postage stamps of its own since 1893.

It has one Head Office and nine Branch offices.
 Each Branch office renders daily accounts to the Head Office,
and the Head Office renders a monthly account to the State Treasury.
The Postmaster of Duttia (State) Office is head of the postal administration, subject to inspection at irregular intervals by one of the higher Durbar officials.



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