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Niassa is a province of Mozambique.
It has an area of 129,056 km² and a population of 1.027.037 (2006).
It is the most sparsely populated province in the country.
 Lichinga is the capital of the province.
There are a minimum estimated 450,000 Yao people living in Mozambique.
 They largely occupy the eastern and northern part of the Niassa province and form about 40% of the population of Lichinga, the capital of this province.

The Ruvuma River forms much of the northern boundary of the province with Tanzania while Lake Niassa forms the western border of the province, separating it from Malawi. 75% of the province remains untouched by development,
 and remains free of landmines.
The province shares the Niassa National Reserve with neighboring Cabo Delgado Province.



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A ne pas confondre avec le NYASSALAND.

1898 Compagnie portugaise,
fait maintenant partie DU MOZAMBIQUE.


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