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Simon MERY

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Turcat-Méry was a French motor manufacturer from 1899 until 1928. It is now celebrated as the marque that won the inaugural Monte Carlo Rally, but in its prime it was also known for Grand Prix racing and for producing The Car of the Connoisseur. Prior to World War 1 it was closely associated with the Lorraine-Dietrich company.

1906 Turcat-Méry
The Turcat-Méry motor manufacturing business began in 1895 when Alphonse Méry of Marseille bought a Panhard et Levassor and a Peugot.
His younger brother Simon Méry and his brother in law Léon Turcat,
 both engineers, decided to improve on both models with their own design, a 2.6-litre, four cylinder, five speed car with electric ignition, radiators at each end of the engine and two speeds in reverse. Thus in 1899, when the car was ready for sale, they founded Turcat-Méry & Cie.[1] They then established a partnership with Baron Adrien de Turckheim fr:Adrien de Turckheim of the De Dietrich and Lorraine-Dietrich company, and produced cars whose slogan was The Car of the Connoisseur.


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