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By 1789, the village was renamed Laborie in honor of Baron Jean Zénon André de Véron de Laborie, French Governor of Saint Lucia from 1784 to his death in 1789, for his efforts on behalf of the white residents to reinstate Laborie as a separate parish, and for the restauration of its church.
The village briefly had one other name, ‘La Patriote’, in 1796-7. This was during the turbulent months when the French Revolution reached the Caribbean sea. During that time former slaves/freedom fighters known as ‘nèg mawon’ - Maroons (or Brigands) - along with their French Republican allies, controlled much of Saint Lucia from secret hideouts around the island until the British finally crushed the rebellion and returned the island to slavery for another three decades.



Laborie is a village on the south coast of Saint Lucia. It was originally called l'Islet a Caret after the Loggerhead sea turtles that were found in the area. The name Laborie is named after Baron de Laborie who was the French governor of Saint Lucia from 1784-1789. At that time the village had a population of 91 whites, 12 free coloureds and 609 blacks.


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